Judd Excited for New Projects and Possibilities

Tuesday Eau Claire will elect five City Council candidates to assume the five At-large seats that are available. One of those candidates, Steven Judd, is a current deferred prosecution coordinator for Eau Claire County. Judd is a graduate of UW-Superior with a degree in criminal justice.

Judd has been working in the criminal justice field since he graduated college, working with many different people such as attorneys and public officials. He believes these experiences are going to benefit him as a potential city council member.

The city of Eau Claire has many issues that are being discussed during this city council election. One of which is what to do with the downtown area. One possible solution is called the Confluence Project, this is really the start of some renewal of old buildings downtown. Located in the Haymarket Area, the project would mean taking down a few of the old historic buildings there.

Judd was very excited about the potential of the Confluence Project saying, “It opens the door for future projects and possibilities.” The talk of the Confluence project excited Judd and he said he believes the city of Eau Claire is headed in the right direction.

Reviving the downtown area is also an important thing for students here at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Current student at UWEC, Adam Lange, believes that updating the downtown area will bring a new energy to everyone in the city. “The downtown area looks a little old and run down, it could really use a facelift,” said Lange. “It needs to be done.”

2013-03-27 09.41.41

UWEC student Jacob Weber puts change into the parking meter after a long search for a parking spot. On campus parking is a big issue among students at UWEC.
Photo by: Slade Tranel

Parking on the UW-Eau Claire campus also is a main issue as it has always seemed to be a problem and is a big topic of discussion among UWEC students. The issues are anywhere from having to pay to park anywhere near campus, to the lots not being big enough, specifically the one for McPhee. Judd states that it is something that needs to be worked on. “Parking in itself is a big issue here,” said Judd, “especially in the downtown area.”

Judd says that parking is an issue on not just at university but also in the downtown area since that is where many students often are. Current Eau Claire student Jacob Weber is also concerned about parking on the university’s campus and is unhappy with the structure of it. “There always seems to be a problem parking here,” said Weber. “There never seems to be any spots, the lots just are not big enough.”

Judd is excited for an opportunity to be a part of the city council and is happy that Eau Claire is headed in the right direction.

By Slade Tranel

Edited by Ben Schneider


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