Justice Roggensack says she will win Wisconsin with ‘experience’

Sitting inside the Haas Fine Arts Center on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus, sophomore music major Teresa Wolfe works on finishing an email while researching the 2013 Wisconsin Supreme Court election to be held Tuesday.

Wolfe said she found out about the election in February, and through her research, has found the election will have an impact on all of Wisconsin based on the decisions and influence of the person elected.

“I look for a Supreme Court justice who is concerned with upholding the laws of Wisconsin, but also changing them if it’s morally or ethically right to do so,” she said.

Teresa Wolfe, sophomore music major, says incumbent Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack's pro-life values and experience are important to her.

Teresa Wolfe says incumbent Supreme Court Justice
Pat Roggensack’s
pro-life values and experience are
important to her.

Because of her time in the court, Roggensack said she knows where in a record to look if there’s a mistake, and she can give the public a thorough review of questions that come to the court. Roggensack also had the unique opportunity to sit on the Court of Appeals, and no other justice has that background. During her time as a justice, she said she has had conversations with her colleagues on how to move the court forward and make it more responsible. She said the Supreme Court, which has existed since the 1800s, is in charge of the budget for the entire judicial branch of government. She felt the court needed to be more careful with the people’s money.

“In February 2011, I got the Supreme Court, with a vote of 7-0, we all agreed, to set up the first Supreme Court Finance Committee in the history of the state of Wisconsin,” Roggensack said.

Roggensack is proud of this accomplishment. She said she loves her job, the opportunity, and the people she works with.

Elijah Freeman, freshman communication and journalism major said experience is one thing he would look for in a justice, along with confidence in their opinion.

“I would want someone who sticks to what they believe in,” he said. “I could stand for someone who even if I don’t necessarily agree with them, I at least know what they’re going to do, and they have a firm set of principles.”

Roggensack said experience is necessary to have on the Supreme Court, and with it comes a job well done for the people of the state.

By Amelia Kimball

Edited by Samantha Griffin


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